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Beautifully updated open concept kitchen.

Most home owners recognize that their house is not just a place to live, it is also an investment. By it’s nature, investment implies that one day the home will be sold. A desire to personalize one’s home exists in contrast to the future marketability of the house itself, and many customizations that may delight the individual home owner may become a liability in a future buyer’s market.

Ultimately most people find a path between these two poles, modifying the aspects that are most important to them without detracting from the home’s overall value. Other people throw caution to the wind and embrace personalizing their home. Both strategies make sense, however when it comes to personalization a few factors should be considered. Whether it’s ground up construction, restoration of a historical home or remodeling of an out of date style, how and what aspects of the home to address should be a well thought out plan.

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Kitchens-This week’s winner!

Although this can be one of the most expensive rooms of a home to remodel, the utilitarian function of the kitchen generally makes upgrades in this area desirable. Modern families demand more from their kitchens, moving away from a formal dining room style layout and into a more open floor plan.

There are several reasons for thisl:
In a smaller more isolated kitchen, the person who prepares the meals is disconnected from the family experience. An open kitchen/dining/living room space allows a chef to be present with the family while preparing culinary delights and gives friends and family a comfortable space to entertain guests or monitor children while cooking.

A second reason is larger gatherings, traditional dining rooms often are dominated by a large table which seats anywhere from 8-12 comfortably. This may work for a nuclear family Sunday dinner, however for holidays, birthdays etc., a larger space allowing people to move around more freely and possibly utilize buffet style serving is more conducive to hosting a larger group.

Finally with the improvements in energy efficiency and air quality of modern homes, there is less need to create smaller box style rooms to keep out the cold and retain the heat. The kitchen is now properly ventilated, preventing excess heat and smoke from building up, so there is less need to keep this area separate from the rest of the home.

It is important to know your market in your upgrades. General rules of thumb are to allow your personal items, flatware, décor etc. to express your tastes while allowing the walls, tile and flooring to be more neutral.

For example, a recent trend in appliances has been a throwback to the 1950s featuring bright colors. While you may love the idea of all red appliances, it is a small market that will share that love and may be off-putting to potential buyers. Dramatic fads of this nature often come in and out of style and can quickly make your home look dated.

Additionally consider the wisdom in selecting appliances. An extremely high end stove for example may be great for the current owner, but given the community and average prices for comparable homes in the area, will a buyer be persuaded to spend thousands more than similar homes for it? Maybe a few, but for a seller looking to recoup costs, this can become a liability. Consider the lifespan of the appliance in question? Will it likely outlast your time in the home? If so, choose wisely.

Custom Care is pleased to offer guidance and feedback throughout the updating experience, helping you achieve the kitchen of your dreams that will enhance your home’s value while still addressing the needs of your family.