Home improvement investments- A Balancing Act -Curb Appeal

exterior remodel
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As mom says, you only get one chance to make a first impression! Remember when you first drove up to your soon to be home, did it fill you with excitement in imagining the possibilities for your future life there? Did you see potential? Think about that reaction in comparison to other homes you considered, it probably played a larger role in your decision than you think.

This doesn’t just pertain to buying, coming home to the same house every day can become automated. We don’t necessarily see the wear and tear that happens over time, our minds know what color the door is, the siding etc, the windows and trimwork are there, and until there is a drastic change, it can just become part of the backdrop of our lives.

But this is actually a great place to focus on home improvement! Siding, doors and windows are utilitarian in the sense that improvements in these areas will create better energy efficiency. An expanded offering of colors in siding allows for a more personalized home aesthetic while also protecting your home from the New England weather extremes.

Sometimes less obvious, moisture incursion is also a factor when considering windows and doors and often by the time the incursion reaches observable levels, significant damage has been done.

An inexpensive moisture reader can test the casings of your windows, door seals exterior walls and flooring. If you suspect you have an issue due to a musty smell or visible damage, it may be time to give us a call, what is going on behind the drywall could be impacting your family’s health due to mold and mildew.

Adding skylights and additional windows can increase the light inside the home, which most people respond to positively. When installed professionally these features can bring new life to your home and brighten previously dimly lit areas. They also add interest and lend a feeling of openness and increased size to your home.

Attending to these exterior features can give your home a facelift on a budget as long as color choices are made thoughtfully and in moderation.