Happy Holidays!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

The holidays are a busy time for most people with entertaining, decorating, gathering gifts and cooking meals for larger than normal groups.  Kids and relatives return home or stay overnight, and a house that typically is home to 2-3 people can find 10-15+ people (or more) under the roof X-mas eve or possibly longer.  

These events often stretch the resources of a home. With an extra 15 people that addition of a second bath starts feeling like a need instead of a want. The chef in the family finds themselves yearning for larger counters, a second fridge or convection oven or upgraded cabinets as they struggle to prep a sit down meal for 20+ people.  Finishing the basement space suddenly seems like the perfect upgrade for a play or hang out space for the grandkids, or perhaps the electrical system is now taxed to it’s upper limits based on the increased draws of decorations, heat, cooking, etc. Suddenly homeowners find themselves considering kicking off the new year with a variety of ideas for home improvement projects and begin to explore options.  

This is where Custom Care Inc. comes in. With over 30 years of experience working with south shore homeowners, many of our longstanding clients find themselves wishing to modernize their homes with some of the above upgrades, while also wishing to preserve the unique character of the historical colonials so special to the area.

At Custom Care Inc. we carefully select our vendor partners based on their commitment and quality of craftsmanship to meet the discerning needs of our clients. We take into account your home’s existing style as well as your own to create interior spaces as well as additions that complement rather than confuse the overall appeal of your house, partnering with architects and engineers with whom we have longstanding relationships based on shared priorities and expertise.

Beyond aesthetics, antique homes present their own structural challenges; we’ve opened up walls and ceiling to find 200+ yr old wood stripped from sailing ships repurposed as support beams! The amazing thing is that homes built from that era are incredibly well made and sturdy, the challenging part is knowing how to work with these types of surprises in an efficient, cost effective manner.  Choosing a general contractor with this skill set is critical for a project’s success, and Custom Care Inc. is here to help!

Our skill set is not limited to antique homes however, and Custom Care Inc. is a great resource for guiding our clients through modernizing homes with green upgrades like solar, back up generators, upgrading heating and cooling, modernizing windows and doors, even installing pool heaters and upgrading chlorine to salt.

In summation, if a restoration, renovation or construction project is on your wish list for 2022, drop us a line for a consult and let us work on bringing your vision to fruition!

As a side note, due to COVID 19 all contractors and tradesmen continue to experience significant lead time delays and challenges with regard to availability of materials, so if your plan is to start 4-6 months down the road now is the time to reach out to ensure a timely completion of your project!