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From a young age, Mark Eldridge demonstrated strong aptitude with building and construction. Working side by side with his grandfather, he learned model ship building and by age 11 had graduated to pianos, sheds and even garages. With these basic skills, Mark began accepting small repair jobs around the south shore and started his first job at G&R Marine in 1992.

Upon graduating from Duxbury High School in 1984 he took the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test scoring a 98.9%. This high score granted him access to any area he would like to pursue in the Armed Forces. He selected the Air Force and from 1984-1990 working on jet aircraft all over the country as well as in England, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Italy and Greece. During this time he also was sponsored by Team Suzuki at AMA motor cross events in his down time. He returned to the states to study for his FAA license in airframe and power plant at SUNY Plattsburg.

In 1990 Mark founded Custom Care Inc. originally specializing in custom kitchen cabinetry and built ins. As he built his business he also worked as a service manager at Cummins Northeast, LLC and in 2001 fully migrated to Custom Care Inc. full time.

Since that time Custom Care Inc. has been providing exceptional services to the greater South Shore of Massachusetts. As a local, Mark has formed long lasting relationships with community members, building new homes, renovating, expanding and updating existing homes, and restoring the historic structures that are so unique to the area.

His specialized experience with custom woodworking and knowledge and appreciation of the historic homes in the area has allowed Custom Care Inc. to preserve the beauty of many New England homes.

Now a company of 6+ employees, as a general contractor he leads a team of craftsmen to address the unique needs of each client, giving each project the custom care required to go above and beyond.

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